My Mobile Gateway S/B operates mainly as a software R&D company and a one stop gateway solution for mobile content providers, linking them directly with mobile telecommunication operators.  We provide solutions that comprise of content delivery management module, gateway solutions module and media producer module.

Mobile operators today want to provide more than just mobile-specific content, but also allow their subscribers to access the vast amounts of delivery-ready content available on the Internet. We deploy our solutions at central, and gateway nodes enables mobile operators/content providers to improve their end user quality and eliminating redundant transmissions to traffic sensitive nodes.

My Mobile Gateway established to become a multi-facetted company actively participating in telecommunication industry. We are specialized in developing and supplying world class multimedia mobile contents, mobile services, wireless services, mobile network services, network consultancy and marketing to promote value added e-content/m-content in this cutting-edged mobile wireless world. In addition to provide telecom services, we are also involved in mobile advertising and promotion.


In year 2008, our mobile marketing reached more than 10 million mobile subscribers and captured over 90% of positive attention. We have successfully accumulatedactive subscribers to our value added services. Today, we have an up to date 100,000 active subscribers and we are expecting number of subscribers to continue increase.