MY MOBILE GATEWAY SDN BHD (MY Mobile) plans to development a one stop gateway solution for mobile content providers, linking them directly with mobile telecommunication providers.  This solution will be called MY Mobile Solutions Suite (MYMS) and it will comprise of content delivery management module, gateway solutions module and media producer module

Mobile operators today want to provide not only mobile-specific content, but also allow their subscribers to access the vast amounts of delivery-ready content available on the Internet. MYMS when deployed at central and gateway nodes gets enables mobile operators/content providers to improve their end user quality and eliminating redundant transmissions to traffic sensitive nodes.

In addition to that, MYMS is a streaming media proxy-cache that manages media within the mobile operator network.  This enables operators to pull content from the general Internet and rebroadcast it, as requested by users with high quality and reduced latency.  MYMS also minimizes redundant connections out to the Internet for live content.  Future features of MYMS  may include bit-rate and layout optimization by device, as well as some subscriber access functionality.

MYMS is able to perform all the necessary data transaction processing and translation to provide an interface between mobile clients and host systems by utilizing all available data transport network is in place.  MYMS will also manage and tracks all mobile inquiries / transactions and ensures data format integrity between both the host systems and mobile clients.  By doing this, MYMS uses intelligent processing to perform activities such as data routing, message formatting, history logging, error detection and retry processing.

MYMS provide a real time system monitor to allow for constant mobile access verification by a system administrator.  In addition to that, the administrator is also able to provide the means to manage and configure the system on a per user and per interface basis.  This easy-to-use configurator design utilizes data tables that minimize system maintenance and the menu-driven interface decreases the learning curve for new users. 



The Content Delivery Management Module wil be a robust and easy-to-use SMS component that enables the desktop or web based applications for sending & receiving SMS.  This application is also able to send WAP Push mails.  The application can be used with compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port using a data cable.  The application can be used to integrate with other applications that require to send/receive SMS in English as well as applications that require to send receive SMS in local languages (e.g. Chinese, Hindi etc.)

MYMS provides the user a framework for discovery of available content and the facilities to enable rapid integration with the operator’s existing billing and messaging platforms.

The Content Delivery Management Module provides full content lifecycle management from submission and acquisition to cataloguing and verification, to publishing and eventual retirement of digital media.  In addition, the module also provides device recognition, optimal devise rendering of discovery portlets and maintenance of device profiles and the digital media formats they support.

MYMS also provides delivery of downloadable content across a range of access channels by determining the appropriate download mechanism based on content type and target device and subsequently ensuring completion of the download itself.

MYMS provides operators with the vital components to manage the entire lifecycle of mobile content delivery, from content discovery and download to content management. This solution is designed to fit with the existing network infrastructure and integrate with legacy systems such as billing and customer support, all of which contributes to a lower total cost of ownership. Operators are able to develop and deploy new content download services quickly, while at the same time attract content providers that can join forces to aggressively approach the mobile Internet market.



The Gateway Solutions Module is a core component of MYMS.  This cross-platform, multi-format software suite is designed to enable carrier-grade digital media applications and services.  It serves as the streaming media infrastructure for many mobile operators in the region and also around the world.

Some of the features of the Gateway Solutions module :

Reduction In-Bound Bandwidth - MYMS eliminates redundant data transmission between the Internet and the servers hosting the content resulting in significant savings in bandwidth to receive in-bound content.

Reduce Delivery Latency - MYMS reduces the distance traveled for subsequent media files, which reduces end-user latency for content served out of cache. 

Security - Just like other proxy servers, the MYMS provide addtional security by masking the IP address of internal users.

Improvement in End User Playback - By caching and splitting content closer to the end-user, MYMS is able to reduce transmission problems.

Optimized Media - MYMS is optimized for delivery of all major file formats including support for live streaming of 3GPP (H.263 and H.264) content.

Improve Manageability - MYMS can improve manageability with new features like support, extended client statistics and client connection cleanup.  By including real-time remote monitoring in our solution, notifications and server configuration updates to improve remote manageability and can be fine-tuned for better control.



Mobile Producer Module is the content creation component of MYMS.  This module is a comprehensive set of software products designed and optimized for mobile media creation, delivery and playback.  It is able to provide streaming media and infrastructure for mobile operators around the region.

The features of Mobile Producer includes:

Multiple file formats - MYMS supports a variety of file formats.

Multiple encoding formats - MYMS supports a variety of video and audio encoding formats.  For video, it supports MPEG-4, H.263 and H.264 formats. For audio, it supports AAC, AACPlus, Enhanced AACPlus, AMR (NB and WB) and MP3 formats.

Variable bit rate encoding - This feature enables the video codec to vary the bit rate throughout the clip, depending on the type of content being encoded (high action scenes, low action scenes etc.). This allows for more consistent quality of video encoding for downloadable content, while keeping download times as short as possible.

Video Scaling - For 3GPP, 3GPP2 output formats, imported video files can be scaled to standard or specific resolutions. 

Prefiltering - Cropping, frame rate conversion, inverse telecine, deinterlacing, noise filtering, brightness, contrast, and gamma adjustments all combine to allows creation of high quality video.
Brand integration - Ability to burn logos as part of the video stream/feed